Encouraging Times

We have just finished a really encouraging Bible study in Manchester. We had 11 of our guys and 20 all together which is fantastic. One man called came in of the street to see what was going on. It was the first time he had every been to Church he said. He was drunk and was going to drink some more but decided to stay for the study instead. We hope to work with him to get him into a rehab.

One of our friends has been sober for the last 3 studies and at the van on Saturday. This is just wonderful as he has been so drunk over the past few months.

Much love and prayers
Steve & Irene

Letter From A Grateful Client.

dscf13386074308510142619532.jpgHi. I’m Shaun and I would like to tell people about my experience being homeless and my relationship with CCMM. I was homeless for 15 years in Manchester and first met Steve and the team in my teenage years. As I began to visit their outreach van they steadily became a little bit of stability in my somewhat chaotic world. As well as the food, clothing, toiletries and brews, they became my friends. I loved Wednesday nights where I could offload, my then, negative mind, as I felt I was being heard and not invisible. We sang songs and I would smile and think it’s not that bad. Around 7 years ago I went to a rehab in Lancaster where I continued to get great support from Steve & Irene. They even visited me a number of times and took me out to eat, they like to feed people, (ha ha) and I have even stayed in their home, played golf with them, but Irene was to good. We have had many walks on Morecambe beach. They played a huge part in my growth and recovery and they still do to date. I now have a steady girlfriend of 5 years and a step son and I have just finished my shift at the homeless shelter where I now volunteer. I am not the biggest believer in God but I’m a huge believer in City Centre Ministries and am so thankful for all their years of support.