Our House

Over many years we have allowed people to say at our house for short periods. For some it has been a time of rest bite and for one or two nights, but for others, it’s been a chance for them to get back on their feet and have stayed for a number of months. We now just have people who we know well, and they stay for no more than two nights. We use these times to show love and acceptance towards them. Many people tell us how relaxed and peaceful they feel while staying with us. Some can’t sleep in their own place yet say they fall sound asleep when saying in our house. For the past 6 years we have also had a number of people join us, and our family, for Christmas dinner on Christmas day. Below is a number of photos of some who have stayed with us over the years. Check out our testimony film on the stories page. Entitled, ‘CCMM video 3’