All or nothing for City Centre Ministries Manchester

Mark is running 3 half marathons in Bangor, Conwy and in the North Lakes. His fundraising target for each of the three half marathons is £1000 per event. Any donations made to the charity would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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He has written a poem too:

Some people have everything, whilst others have nothing at all, where was the safety net, when you started to fall?

Some of the Manchester bees, cannot find a hive, ending homelessness, is for what we should strive.

The city is buzzing, it comes alive at night, for those living on the streets, let’s save them from their plight.

Out for the evening, we hope you have fun, just because they’re homeless, there’s no need to shun.

All or nothing, extremes of lifes scale, just be the best you can, you’ve got to prevail.

Life can be sweet, and it tastes like honey, but it can be tough, when you have no money.

Sometimes your buzzing, and life feels good, others are scratching for a living, everyone deserves a livelihood.

You can run from problems, but they’ll catch you in the end, we all need support, and on people you can depend.

Look for the good, and listen to people’s plight, it’s be a cold and lonely existence, in the middle of the night.

Encouraging Times

We have just finished a really encouraging Bible study in Manchester. We had 11 of our guys and 20 all together which is fantastic. One man called came in of the street to see what was going on. It was the first time he had every been to Church he said. He was drunk and was going to drink some more but decided to stay for the study instead. We hope to work with him to get him into a rehab.

One of our friends has been sober for the last 3 studies and at the van on Saturday. This is just wonderful as he has been so drunk over the past few months.

Much love and prayers
Steve & Irene