Crazy Golf

We had a wonderful Friday/Saturday with some of our friends from the van. Irene did some fun things with then both, including crazy golf at the Traff centre. Afterwards one brought some flowers out to the van last night to thank Irene for a fantastic few days. The other said how she felt so welcomed and safe and secure and peaceful.
Last night another friend came to the van to thank Irene for praying for his back two weeks ago. He said the next day when he woke he found all the pain had gone and knew God had touched him. More of this please Lord.
It was such a quiet night last night and yet it was so good to just chat to the few who where there. I spent some time talking with a friend as he shared its a year since he came out of prison a long time ago. He had not touched drugs, apart from cannabis and is very proud of himself. He has said he will come to the evangelistic night in October.
I had a good walk about around town on Friday. Had some good conversations and it was good to just give people time to talk while I listened. One guy said he had not had a good chat in ages.
The bible study is near at the end of Marks Gospel. It’s amazing how we have gone right through most of Mark and all these guys have heard the gospel so much. It felt really powerful as we sang the last worship song and it felt like all where engaging in some way. It was encouraging as one friend said, “thanks for a great service Steve”. After next week we are starting a new course by John Stott. All the guys where asked if they would like to continue and every one said yes. They really do see it as their Church service.

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