His face lit up when he heard the guitar

1It was a good night on the van on Saturday. One of our friends came feeling very down and and not in a good place. As soon as he saw me with the guitar out his face lit up and he started singing. He later told me how it always lifts his heart when he hears the worship.
Another friend shared a horror story of what their flat is like and the condition it’s in, despite the landlord getting so much housing benefit. We give some things to people on Wednesdays to help them but are also trying to help get another flat if available. Please pray for God’s favour upon him.
We are looking forward to the bible study this afternoon. Hope the good weather doesn’t stop people coming along.
We are speaking at a sheltered accommodation this coming Sunday at 2.30pm. Please pray as we share the gospel with those who are in the later years of their lives.
Much love and blessing
Steve & Irene

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