Getting the guiar out again

Thank you for your prayer support and just to let you know that the talk at Barnabus went really well. Not to many people attended but those who did seemed to be taking it all in. We had a good time of worship, and preached a gospel message from Luke 13, 10-13. God gave a word of knowledge regarding toothache and someone came up at the end and shared how she was suffering from issues with her teeth so it was good to pray healing over her.
One man seemed to be really listening to my every word and chattered with me at the end. He shared how he has a bible but finds it hard to understand. He came to the van last night and are now meeting him soon to look through his bible with him. Praise God.
Irene met a new friend and took her for a meal. It was the first time she had been in a buffet style meal and she was amazed and loved it. Irene was able to share the gospel with her and felt encouraged by the way she listened. It was then good to be able to bless her with some essentials that she was in need of.
1It was good to have the guitar out last night after a long while. Through the night, two of the general public, who where just walking by, stopped and listened and then started to film us. One was a lady in her 50s and she then spend 30 min talking with Irene about her life. She told another volunteer how she loved the songs we were singing.
An ex working girl came to the van last night and had not been for many years. It was nice that she came to say hello.
Much love and blessing
Steve & Irene

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