Introducing a man called Gram Seed

We have both been under the weather for a few weeks. We are just beginning to come through it now.


The van has been getting busier over the past few weeks and last night it seemed that nobody wanted to leave us. I spent the night chatting to a number of people and it was good to just love people.


Please pray for one of our friends who is sleeping rough and yet he is working 20 hours a week as a cleaner. He was staying in a hostel for men but could not afford the rent when he started working. We are working hard to try and support him in his hunt for accommodation.


Irene continues to support another friend with the benefit system. It’s sad to see how she is treated by some, so called ‘professionals’.


Some other friends continue to attend the bible study we run. To see how they have both come from serious drug abuse for many years to now, is amazing. They are both just amazing in the way they are living out their recovery. Although our input was quite minimal, they are both full of praise for CCMM and the help we have been able to give over the past few years.


One of our friends shared how down he was and how suicidal he was feeling. He felt that his world was collapsing around him. I praise God that I was in there at that time. I know for sure that it was God’s timing and I was able to listen to him and encourage him in a few areas. As I left him he was so much more positive and I praise God for his perfect timing.


1We are at the first stages of organising a Gospel night of music and testimony. We have a wonderful man of God called Gram Seed, who has a powerful testimony from football violence to alcohol abuse to living on the streets and ending up in a coma and at deaths door, to a wonderful transformation and a life living for Jesus. Gram now runs a charity where he goes into prisons sharing the gospel and can be seen on many of the new Alpha videos and has spoken alongside Nicky Gumbel.   We will also have a four piece band, including myself and will be singing, self-written, personal testimony songs. Please pray for this vision and for a venue in the City centre. Our prayer is that we will get many Churches attending and to see much salvation.


Please pray for all these situations,


Much love and blessing, Steve & Irene


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